Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to you question here please feel free to contact us.

How can I receive a catalog/brochure?

Under the Downloads section in our website, download the printable file.

Where can I find my nearest Stryker dealer?

You will find all of our Authorized Dealer along with their addresses and phone numbers on-line within the Where to Buy section.

How can I become a Stryker Crossbow Dealer?

Contact 888.689.1289 and ask to speak to an account representative.

For warranty repairs do I have to take my Stryker Crossbow back to the dealer I bought it from?

No, you can take your Stryker Crossbow to any Authorized Stryker Dealer for warranty issues.

In the off season, should I loosen or let down the tension on my limbs of my Stryker crossbow to prevent my string and cables from stretching?

Stryker does not recommend loosening or letting down the tension limbs in the off season.

Where will I find the serial number on my Stryker Crossbow?

The serial number on your Stryker Crossbow is on the side of the rail under the trigger housing.

What is the best bolt to shoot in my Stryker Crossbow?

Stryker recommends using the bolts that are included with the purchase of your Stryker Crossbow. You can also purchase additional bolts from the accessories tab. If Stryker bolts are not available, any 22 series, 22” carbon bolt will work.

What is the maximum effective range of my Stryker crossbow?

The maximum effective range of your Stryker crossbow is 60 yards.

What is the pull weight/length of trigger my on Stryker Crossbow?

The pull weight of the Stryker Crossbow trigger is 4lbs with a .031” pull length.

How do I replace a string on my Stryker Crossbow?

Please refer to your Stryker owner’s manual. If you need a copy, you can download one from our Download section.

How long can I keep my Stryker Crossbow cocked?

While there is no set length of time that your Stryker Crossbow can be cocked, we recommend you de-cock it at the end of the night.

Is it legal to hunt with a crossbow in my state?

Please refer to the regulations section under our resources tab for information on hunting legislation in your state.